30 Day Daily Affirmation Challenge


30 Day Daily Affirmation Challenge

How can YogaMix help you achieve your career goals?

Put simply, learning how to control your mind could just be the first step to becoming more successful in your career.

Practicing positive affirmations is a powerful way to learn how to take control of your thoughts and manifest your career goals... and we've got science to back us up! If you've never heard of them before, an affirmation is a positive phrase that directly states what you want to attract in your life. They can be used for motivation, self-esteem, setting a positive mind-set, and so much more.

Studies have shown that a daily positive affirmation practice can lead to decreased stress levels, better diet, more exercise, and increased creative output. An MRI study has shown that people who practice daily affirmations increase the neural pathways in the part of their brains that are involved in positive self-valuation and confidence.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that adults in downtown environments spend almost 9 hours per day working, and that leads you to experience higher levels of anxiety, stress, and burnout. Practicing positive affirmations is a powerful way to combat this and regain control over your career. Affirmations and a regular yoga practice have been shown to decrease stress and burnout, and increase productivity at work!

With positive affirmations and mindful movement, your YogaMix instructors will guide you through a practice that is bound to positively benefit your mind, body, and soul. Nestled in downtown Orlando, our community is full of local professionals just like you who come to our studio for a place to unwind, refocus, and reconnect to their highest potential.

We're located in the 420 E Building on Church Street and a convenient walk or bike ride away from everything that makes downtown Orlando a hub for hard-workers. When you sign up for our free 30 Day Daily Affirmation Challenge you'll also recieve a code for 50% off your first class at YogaMix. This is a special code we have for locals only to come try the Mix. We're excited to meet you!

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