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Gina fell in love with yoga in an Ashtanga class in South Florida circa 1999.  “I was the worse one in the class.  The instructor could not believe how inflexible I was.”  That motivated her to delve deeper.  A fitness-ista (running, tennis, aerobics) yoga quickly became her favorite as she saw her body transform.  “Yoga with it’s deep breathing and twists, works you inside out.  Your body will function more efficiently -- the result is eating less and loving your body more.” Gina loves working with newbies. Her classes will challenge and nurture you mentally and physically. 

Lorien Starr was introduced to yoga at a young age by her mother Mary Ellen; who not only practices on the mat but lives a yogic lifestyle.  As a dancer; Lorien fell in love with the creativity, fluidity and dynamic flow of yoga. Majoring in Jazz Dance, she earned a Bachelor of Science from Pointe Park University in Pittsburgh, PA.  Lorien currently resides in downtown Orlando where she dances professionally and practices Physical Therapy. In 2015 she received her 200hr YTT from Full Circle Yoga in Winter Park.  Her extensive knowledge of anatomy and tenure as a professional dancer make her the perfect fit for yogamix…Can you say Nirvana? 

Danielle Lindberg tried yoga over a decade ago and was immediately hooked.  She loved the dynamic movement and the noticeable difference it made in her tension-burned neck and shoulders from being a "techie."  In 2009, she was certified under Rolf Gates and started teaching vinyasa flow to "spread the love" and its many benefits.  She also completed Eric Paskel's teacher training for a different perspective. Her style is described as very creative and challenging, yet accessible, with emphasis on alignment.  Danielle holds several wellness certifications and is the constant student to best serve those around her.  When not on her mat, you can find her busy as a systems architect, wellness coach, working on an art project or learning to surf. 

I am Debbie, a US Army Veteran from New York who found Yoga and was able to heal physically and mentally after many injuries. With a background in Exercise Science, Personal Training, and Nutrition, I added in Yoga and Meditation for a well-rounded approach to health and wellness. I like to help people realize that life is happening for us not to us and be able to transition from "I can't" to "I can” as I have. As a Health Coach and Yoga Instructor I help people remember to live each moment to the fullest on and off the mat. I feel I have an authentic and non-judgmental teaching style with a dose of inspiration to find real freedom. I also enjoy traveling the world and attending new trainings to expand my knowledge and tool box to share with others. It is so satisfying and meaningful to me to have students see a shift in perspective and ability. I look forward to working with you soon. Namaste.

The physical aspects drew Kelsey to yoga in 2006. She discovered something deeper, “Yoga is an important and transformative tool that can bring great perspective to life, both physically and spiritually.” Through yoga, Kelsey aims to assist the individual not only in developing strength, but also cultivating self-acceptance, confidence, stability, and overall well-being. Yoga helped her find happiness by simply being present on her mat, open to possibilities, ultimately becoming more whole and connected. 

Kelsey continues to explore yoga through advanced workshops with yogis Steve Ross, Pradeep, Beryl Bender Birch, Bryan Kest, and Rolf Gates. Through the utilization of breath, drishti, bandhas, and a slightly irreverent sense of humor, Kelsey fosters an environment in which the student can feel at home . 

I believe in Divine play, self exploration and love. Falling, laughing, slow movements, present moments, and feeling good vibrations to spread to every being. Incorporating conscious awareness of the mind, body, and soul into practice to find balance as well as performing at our highest frequencies. My yoga on and off the mat has been a journey of trust, learning to let go of fear, and to detach from the outcome, judgements, attachments, and expectation. There are hundreds of different styles of yoga to practice and teach, so in my opinion, why narrow it down to just one? Yoga comes from the acient sanskrit word yug, to "unify" body, mind, emotions, amd spirit. Every moment is an opportunity to experience wholeness. Let us explore intention to have the heart beat match the beat of the universe, to match our nature with nature. Read Alex's blog here.

When Lauren was first introduced to yoga at 16, it was introduced to her as a therapeutic tool. She got away from her practice for about 10 years, but eventually found herself back on her mat. Little did she know, after that first class back, a week later she would be signed up for teacher training! She swears by yoga’s ability to heal, strengthen, and empower oneself. Yoga has changed her life for the best in every way possible, and she wants to share that light with everyone she meets- especially during her classes! She loves introducing her classes to new poses, and encourages you to play and challenge yourself, not only with the poses, but also with focusing on the present moment and your breath. 

Sarah is a proud graduate of the Warrior One 300 hour RYT.  She started practicing yoga after suffering from herniated discs in her low back. Four years later she is pain free! Now she is helping others locate trauma in their bodies though yoga. With an emphasis on alignment, she teaches a Baptiste style power flow that is challenging yet accessible.  Believing life happens outside your comfort zone, she will encourage you to your edge. 

oga is my passion...I've been teaching and practicing for over 10 years and it is always new to me. Originally from Columbia, am certified in Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Pre-natal, Senior, Chair, kids and yoga Nidra. 

My focus is to create a comfortable atmosphere for all body types, orchestrating breath- synchronized movements, core stability, flexibility and alignment technique. I help you maintain mind/body awareness so you can create your own intensity. I love helping others to their most healthy and harmonious life through yoga. What my heart speaks in class can not be translated into English or Spanish. It's  universal - unity, peace and love. 

Belinda has been passionately teaching  and practicing yoga for nearly 20 years.  Hailing from New Zealand, she moved to Orlando in January after falling in love with an American musician and a decision to follow her heart halfway around the world. 

She leads a powerful vinyasa style class with plenty of heart, soul and great music thrown in. You'll sweat however, you'll most defiantly have fun doing it.  Progressive in nature, her class is accessible to all.

Off the mat, you can find her working as a choreographer, dancer and aerialist. Her extensive knowledge of the body and subtle flair for performance is sure to enhance your experience. 

Baltimore more and now a beach convert, Danielle began practicing yoga in 2001 after her daughter was born.  Married to a musician who was on the road her time was limited and her yoga journey began 20 minutes a day with Rodney Yee videos. With a  background in dance she fell in love with the grace, breathe and flow of yoga and transformative power of yoga. She continued her practice at home and studios all over the globe. 

In 2011 a class with Kim King-Zamoff inspired her to deepen her practice. Taking workshops with notable yogi's like Doug Swenson and Laura Kazperzak and eventually getting her CYT300 hour certification from Warrior One Power Yoga. Continuing education include: AFAA, SCW, SUP & CPR & Teen Yoga with Christy Brock and YogaMinded. 

Hannah Aylward is a Certified Health Coach, fitness instructor, health + wellness writer, personal chef and healthy living expert. She helps both men and women around the world lose weight, balance hormones, heal skin complications, heal gut imbalances and feel at home in their bodies through healthy eating, movement, mindfulness practices and positive self-talk. Her goal is to help others “learn the tools they need to live the lives they deserve”. Get to know her by visiting her website or following her on Instagram and Twitter.