Beginning Acro Workshop with Steve Machalek and Debbie Deb:

Acro Yoga combines the awareness of yoga with the movement and dynamics of acrobatics into a practice that is collaborative, energetic, and fun. It is a great way to build strength, agility, flexibility, and balance while experience the freedom to play, explore, and be silly. No experience needed! No partner required, bring a friend or make some new ones!

This workshop is appropriate for all levels, including those who are completely new to Acro Yoga. Here you will learn several fundamental Acro Yoga poses, and ways to link them together in flows. Advanced variations will be offered for more experienced students. In addition, you'll also learn techniques and tips for training to strengthen your practice. New students will walk away with a solid base of skills from which to grow their Acro practice. Experienced students will get opportunities to refine their existing skills and some advanced variations to play with. All who come will have plenty of fun in this playful practice!

Saturday, April 20th

2pm - 5pm

Early Bird $30 until 4/13

After 4/13 $40

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About Your Instructors:

Steve Machalek

Instagram: @acroyogafoodie

Shortly after becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher, Steve Machalek tried Acro Yoga for the first time in 2014 and fell in love with it right away. Since that time, he has traveled all over the country to training with as many Acro Yoga and Acrobatics instructors as possible, and traveled to Thailand to complete his Acro Yoga teaching certification in February 2017. Through collaboration and creativity, he is constantly seeking new shapes to make and flows to execute within his Acro Yoga practice, and enjoys sharing what he learns with others. Known for his patience and calm demeanor, he thoroughly enjoys seeing the joy of his students as they grow in this practice of movement.

Debbie Deb

Instagram: @freedomflier

As a Certified Yoga Instructor in Vinyasa Flow and Buti Yoga, Debbie loves all movement, opportunities for self expression, and creating community. Fairly new to Orlando, she was drawn to Acro Yoga and found the practice a great way to learn to better connect, communicate, and trust. Debbie has enjoyed working with partners at all levels and seeing her practice grow with many Acro Yoga trainings throughout Florida. She often teaches Acro Yoga as part of her Buti Yoga events and loves seeing people try and accomplish something new.