For the yogi who loves the outdoors... Buti Yoga class moves poolside and under the beautiful sky, whoo hoo!!!

The last Monday of every month, check in at the YogaMix studio by 7:00 and then we will head up to the Camden Apartments' pool deck. After, throw on your favorite bikini to relax in the pool or hot tub. Feel free to bring your dinner and drinks.

What is Buti Yoga?? A unique calorie scorching full body workout for women and men at all levels, fusing power yoga + cardio + tribal movements + deep core + awesome upbeat music. This super fun class sculpts the entire body while facilitating empowerment, freedom, and finding your inner badass.

Join us for the fastest growing fitness method in the world, featuring local Buti Yoga Instructor and Health Coach Debbie Deb: 480-849-7828 -

You can only love others as much as you love yourself. Come for a special opportunity to practice self-love and acceptance while learning some new self-care techniques before class. Also to enhance your experience we will be sharing CBD infused tea using our favorite organic full spectrum CBD and hemp oil blend. You can expect a deeper release and a sense of peace from this addition.

Also, Burn-Out Repair Coach, Maria Marcano, will be talking briefly about the benefits of this adaptogen and answering all your questions, plus we have made a partnership with the producer so all who attend Buti class will receive a $50 gift card should you choose to purchase the CBD before Feb 28th. * CBD wellness shot in your tea is optional and will require a $5 cash donation. *

To sign up: - YogaMix members are FREE ; )) - Drop In: $18 - New Student Special: $38 for 30 unlimited days! - Camden Resident Drop In: Only $5 (1st FREE).